The casting process at Schaler Manufacturing
includes the following steps:


We create a metal pattern of your design; this is used to build the molds used in casting. Experienced model-makers can recommend modifications to reduce costs and improve the quality of your finished pieces.


We work with traditional rubber molds that are created from metal models. These molds remain durable and functional for many, many runs.

Mold sizes include:
Flasks: 4" to 7" diameter x 6" to 12" tall
Rubber Mold: 9" to 18" diameter x 1" to 4" thick


We utilize two methods of casting: the lost wax process for precious metals and centrifugal for pewter casting.


• Hand and Vibratory
• Machine High Polish
• Antique Pewter Finish
• Hand High Gloss Polish
• Satin Finish
• Bright Pewter Finish


Bagging, boxing, wrapping – we can customize the way your finished piece is shipped to your specifications.

Schaler Manufacturing Casting Process