What type of casting do we do?

Spin casting, also called Centrifugal Rubber Mold Casting, is the process where molten lead compliant pewter (white metal) is poured into a spinning vulcanized rubber mold where centrifugal force fills the mold cavities. This allows for deep relief and offers the great flexibility for shape and thickness.

Lost wax, also referred to as Investment casting, is a process where molten metal is poured into a ceramic mold cavity, which is created from the evacuation of wax patterns. The metals that can be used in our lost wax casting include brass, bronze, sterling silver and all karats of gold.

Do you create models?

We have the capability of making models and the cost would depend on their size and complexity. If you choose to send you own model, the materials we accept are metal, wax and plastic.

Models to be used for lost wax casting must have a thickness of at least .059 inches and can have a length up to 6 inches. Models for spin casting must have a thickness of at least .079 inches and can have a length up to 10 inches.

How are molds made?

Molds for lost wax casting are made from silicon rubber. These molds can be vulcanized as well. Spin casting molds are made from vulcanized rubber. All molds are owned by the customer and can either be stored here or returned with each order. Costs for molds for either process depend on the complexity of the piece.

Can you supply precious metals?

We will allow customers to supply their own precious metals but its quality must be certified casting grain. We do not accept any scrap metals. All orders using our precious metals are priced on day of shipment.

What finishing services do you offer?

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we offer services from degating through highly polishing. Plating and gluing are also offered. Products are tissue wrapped or packaged in customer supplied materials.

What is your standard turn-around time?

The estimated turn-around time for raw castings is 5-7 days and finished production runs are normally 3-4 weeks.

How is shipping handled?

Orders are shipped via UPS and the customer can provide their own shipping number.

We want to take the mystery out of
the casting process. If you have any
questions, please feel free to call
Schaler at 401-943-2810 and we will
assist you with your needs.